Virtual Jewelry Party

What’s a virtual jewelry party?

A virtual jewelry party is an online jewelry party. You earn free jewelry without setting up your home for a party, preparing refreshments, and taking a lot of your time.

Why Choose Randall V Designs for a Virtual Jewelry Party?

  • Our collection is based on natural elements—semi-precious stones, tagua nut, iraca fiber, wood, and more.
  • We appeal to a variety of tastes in jewelry.
  • Our inventory includes post, lever-back, and clip-on earrings. And we have necklaces, pendants, and bracelets!
  • Your friends and family can find what they want in a wide range of colors and natural elements.
  • It’s convenient. Everyone shops online, and a free-shipping code is provided.

What You Do:

  1. Provide us with a guest list, including the names and e-mail addresses of your guests. At least twelve (12) guests are required for the party, but you can invite as many friends as you want.
  2. Choose the month and week that you would like to have your virtual jewelry party.
  3. After the shopping end date, if fewer than ten guests make purchases, you will be able to select merchandise that values 15% of the total sales. If ten or more guests make purchases, you can select merchandise that values 20% of the total sales.
  4. Just e-mail us with the list of items you want. Choose from our online inventory or request custom designs. If a custom design is requested, before we make it, we will let you know the retail cost of the item, so you can decide if you really want it as part of the free jewelry you will receive.

 What We Do:

  1. Before the virtual jewelry party date, we will send a save-the-date e-mail to your guests, along with a promotional code for free shipping. The promotional code is used to identify buyers as your guests, and it allows them to receive free shipping.Guests must use the promotional code to receive free shipping during the virtual party.
  2. We will also send your guests a reminder of the virtual jewelry party dates.
  3. On the start date, we will send your guests an invitation to start shopping. As a courtesy, you will also receive the notices.
  4. Guests will have five days (Wednesday through Sunday) to look at our inventory and make purchases.
  5. Within three business days of the shopping end date, we will notify you of your virtual party sales total and the dollar amount of free merchandise you are eligible to receive.
  6. After you send us an e-mail with a list of the items you want, within three business days, will send the items to you, free of charge. Custom jewelry requests will take longer, depending on the request.

Your guests receive a promotional code for free shipping during the virtual party! They shop at our online store on, or in our Etsy store.

Interested In a Virtual Jewelry Party?

Are you interested in a virtual, or online, jewelry party, or do you have questions about it? E-mail us at jewelryparty @ (don’t include the spaces in the e-mail address), or complete our contact form.

Visit our store on, or check out our Etsy store.