Home Jewelry Party

The thought of a home jewelry party is a turnoff for many people. Catalogs, sales pitches, hours spent before, during, and after the party, along with orders that have to be delivered can make a home jewelry party seem like a bad idea.

Our home jewelry parties (alternative locations: clubhouse, community center, etc.) are available for residents of Raleigh, NC and nearby cities. We also offer virtual jewelry parties!
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Our Home Jewelry Parties Are Fun, Relaxing, and No Pressure!

What You Do:

  1. Provide us with a guest list, including the names, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses of your guests. At least twelve (12) confirmed guests are required for the party.
  2. Provide light refreshments for your guests.

What We Do:

  1. In advance of the party date, we come to the location of the party to determine how we will display the jewelry.
  2. We will send e-mail invitations or postcards to your guests.
  3. We will arrive 30 to 45 minutes in advance of the party to set up.
  4. Guests will have two hours to look at our inventory and make purchases.
  5. Guests can pay with cash and credit or debit cards.
  6. After the show, you pick out the merchandise that you want, that values up to 20% of the total sales, if ten or more guests attend the party. If fewer than ten guests attend, you’ll receive merchandise that values up to 15% of the total sales.

There are no catalogs from which to order, and no drop-off of merchandise required by you. We’ll have a large inventory at your party from which your guests can purchase. Our inventory will include earrings and pendants for necklaces and scarves.

Returns must be accompanied by a receipt.

Jewelry parties are held on Friday and Saturday evenings, with a starting time between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Interested In a Home Jewelry Party?

Are you interested in a home jewelry party? E-mail us at jewelryparty @ randallvdesigns.com (don’t include the blank spaces in the e-mail address) or complete our contact form.

Visit our store on amazon.com or on Etsy.