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Six pairs of stone clip on earrings from Randall V Designs.

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There are a lot of places to buy clip-on earrings —especially online. But finding high-quality clip-on earrings that are handcrafted by a jewelry designer is rare. That’s where Randall V Designs is a leader. We use natural elements, semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystals for our jewelry designs.

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Our passion for beautiful natural elements is not limited to pierced ears. We are deeply interested in satisfying all of our customers, without leaving them feeling that their needs were an afterthought. We design intentionally and thoughtfully. So when you buy clip-on earrings from Randall V Designs, you receive beautiful jewelry that is well made, and that lasts for years.

When we decided to add clip-ons to our collection, we wanted the designs to be just as beautiful as our other offerings. In many cases, they are even more beautiful!

Semi-Precious Stone Clip-On Earrings

We are convinced that natural elements are the best focal points for jewelry. So we use them for earring designs. Semi-precious stones add a vast range of color and durability for clip-on earrings.

A Large Variety of Colors!

The beauty and colors of semi-precious stones, natural elements, and Swarovksi crystals inspire all of our earring designs. Synthetic materials just can’t match their beauty and quality. Learn more about some of our favorite stones and natural elements for colorful jewelry designs.


Black onyx has so much versatility—from casual to elegant. We have varied our earring designs with black onyx to help you accessorize for any occasion. Most black onyx stones have been enhanced to accentuate the color of the stone. Pakistan and Mexico are common sources for the stone.


If you’re interested in buying blue clip-on earrings, look for dumortierite stone earrings. Dumortierite is in the quartz family. The stone color ranges from denim to navy blue. Lapis lazuli is a royal blue stone, speckled with gold tones. It is commonly found in Afghanistan. It’s a favorite!


Green clip-on earrings made from semi-precious stones have a unique advantage. Let us explain. The rhyolite stone is an igneous rock—or a derivate of magma or lava. Although it has a green base, shades of orange, yellow, white, and brown randomly appear in the stone and help make stunning, versatile jewelry.

Russian Amazonite is an opaque stone in the feldspar family. The bright green tone almost has teal overtones. Using this stone in jewelry designs is very satisfying. You’ll receive so many compliments on your clip-on earrings!


Photo of pink stone clip-on earrings (rhodonite) from Randall V Designs - Amazon store.Thanks to rhodonite semi-precious stones, pink clip-on earrings can be feminine and stunning. The pink stones are a form of manganese silicate. They are opaque and often include shades of gray, or black vein-like lines may appear in the stone. The stone is widely available and can be found in Australia, Brazil, the northeastern United States, and other places.


Charoite semi-precious stone is found only in Siberia, Russia. Swirls of deep purple and lilac are mixed with cream and black. Charoite stone has a presence that is unrivaled. But we can’t discount the Dog Teeth Amethyst stone. This combination of white quartz and amethyst is a winner. Lighter purple tones mixed with cream uplift any outfit. Instead of an exact match for your outfit, think of buying purple clip-on earrings as a way to add color contrast.


Choose from red jasper stones with brown undertones. Jasper stones are opaque and often feature more than one color. You will likely see bands of white or brown in red jasper stones. Although it is not a stone, red sponge coral is another natural element that is a true red. Sponge coral is from the ocean. It is a versatile natural element for red clip-on earrings that can be dressed up or down.


Yellow botswana agate is a white-banded stone of beauty. Some of the stones have brown or orange undertones, but if you’re looking for yellow clip-on earrings, yellow botswana agate should not be ignored.

Swarovski Crystal Clip-On Earrings

Photo of black swarovski clip-on earrings by Randall V Designs - Amazon store.Swarovski crystal clip-on earrings are among our best sellers. We have repeat customers for the elegant, glistening jewelry that Swarovski crystals produce. You’ll find a variety of colors and styles in our store. If you don’t see the color you’re looking for, ask us. Most likely, there is a crystal in Swarovski’s inventory to match your request. We’ll obtain it and design the earrings you’ve been looking for. They will be one-of-a-kind accessories—exclusively for you.

We have given you just a small taste of the variety that natural elements provide for clip-on earrings. But color isn’t our only concern. Quality matters.

Quality Clip-On Earrings

Photo of one pair of blue clip on earrings and one pair of red clip on earrings from Randall V Designs.The clips themselves are crafted by manufacturers in the U.S. and the UK who pride themselves on quality.

When you buy earrings from us, you will find your purchase to be durable as well as gorgeous! Our inventory includes a variety of ear clips: sterling silver, 24k gold-plated, sterling-silver, and lead-free pewter in silver and gold tones. Our customers with nickel sensitivities often find success with our sterling-silver clips.

Each pair of clip-on earrings is carefully assembled by hand and inspected for quality. We use sterling-silver and gold-filled components to assemble the earrings. In many cases high-quality, lead-free pewter beads from the U.S. are used to accent the jewelry and give it a unique touch. We stand behind every design we craft. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Custom Requests

We welcome your custom requests for clip-on earrings! And we enjoy completing custom orders. We are thrilled to know we provide products that our customers love to wear. When you request a custom design with a particular color or stone, it gives us great satisfaction to have the honor of providing you with exactly what you wanted.

Where to Shop for Our Designer Jewelry

Look for Randall V Designs on You’ll find one-of-a-kind jewelry and an inventory that keeps changing. In addition to earrings, our inventory includes necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to share our love of stone and natural jewelry with you!

Thank you! ~ Debra, Designer at Randall V Designs

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